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Los Angeles Solicitation Attorney

About Solicitation Charges

Solicitation of prostitution is a charge related to prostitution, but it is filed against the alleged client or customer of a person who is exchanging or offering money for sexual activity in return. In fact, a person may face solicitation of prostitution charges even when the actual exchange does not take place. For example, a defendant may face charges because he or she offered another person money in exchange for sexual intercourse.

Fighting Solicitation Allegations

Any regular, law-abiding citizen may find that they are facing solicitation charges simply because they were in the wrong place at the wrong time. A visit to a massage parlor or a simple conversation with a stranger may be misinterpreted for something that it is not – even when the accused had no idea what was occurring. Entrapment may also play a part in these cases, where a police sting operation is set up in order to catch offenders in the act. Okabe & Haushalter can help you better understand these serious charges and what your legal rights and options are at this point.

A criminal defense lawyer at our firm can thoroughly review your charges and also conduct an independent investigation in order to uncover valuable evidence or witness testimony that supports your side of the story and can result in an acquittal, lessened charges or perhaps dropped charges entirely. With our specific experience in sex crime defense and our commitment to our clients’ rights and freedom, we are uniquely qualified to provide a higher quality of criminal defense representation.

Consult a skilled defense attorney today!

Solicitation of prostitution is often a misdemeanor offense which may result in imprisonment in county jail as well as fines, probation and possible sex offender registration. These serious consequences can be avoided if you have immediate, aggressive representation by a skilled attorney. At our firm, we offer a free consultation to discuss your particular matter and determine how we can help.

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